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About GA Fire Proofing

About GA Fire Proofing

We are Georgia's Premier
fireproofing company

Our GA Fire Proofing team includes the most knowledgeable, dedicated members in the fireproofing industry. As a company we participate in marathons, charity, and extra activities outside of work. Altogether GA Fire Proofing's team enjoys working together and describes the work environment as a second home. As a team we encourage one another to achieve any work and life goals.
Serving Georgia and
The Southeastern U.S.!
Why Choose Us

Over 75+ Years
Of Combined Experience

We use the best approach and technology to fireproof both new construction and renovation projects. When it comes to fireproofing, our experienced team is the region's preferred company for all of your project needs. We currently service all of Georgia and the Southeastern U.S.
GA Fire Proofing's objective is to educate our employees and customers. Therefore, making every deal a success. Our wish is to help prevent and SAVE you and your business from any unnecessary damages.